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Disaster strikes again

March 11th, 2008 at 02:42 pm

Last wedn. I had to take my DD1 to the ER. She was having pains in her lower abdomen and throwing up. They ran all kinds of tests and concluded she had a severe UTI that spread to her bladder and kidneys. She spent 2 days in the hospital being pumped full of antibiotics through an IV. The first day we were there a rep. from the hospital came to tell me that my hospital admission co-pay is $250 per day for the 1st three days and guess what???? I work for that hospital!! (well the smaller urgent care clinic associated with it.
I gave her a check for $250 and told her that they could payroll deduct the rest. The cafeteria food was terrible so I did end up buying food for us from the cafeteria but I did get a 30% discount. She is home now and doing very well.

Very frustrated....

March 3rd, 2008 at 02:22 pm

This past weekend I worked, DH stayed home recuperating from being sick so between him and I no money spent. DD1 did not go anywhere requiring $ and DD2 got her first full paycheck so she was on her own. Then..... last night DD2 coughs and coughs and today my day off I take her to where I work (urgent care clinic and we do not pay a co-pay) but then I have to fork out money for Mucinex and albuterol and take her car to the shop and pay $42 to have the blinkers fixed.
DH and I bought her a used car that is a lemon. We paid $2,500 to a 40 something couple who live in a well to do neighborhood and it was their teenagers car. He told us he was selling it because she did not need it anymore. Liar. He knew it was having issues. We were stupid not to take it to a mechanic first but they seemed so nice. So far new TRANSMISSION $1,800, new radiator $100, new sensor for radiator $30, new blinkers $42, and now there is something wrong with the water pump. We told DD2 that when she graduates she will have to work full time and buy her own car.
This is really starting to bring me down.

February totals

February 28th, 2008 at 07:39 am

I just figured out my total spending for the month and broke it down into categories.

Eating out or take out: $196.65
This is due partly to the fact that I work 12 hour shifts during the week and 10 during the weekend so when I get out of work I do not want to cook. I need to plan dinners ahead and cook them on my days off and freeze for later.

Groceries: $%348.25
I know it is probably more than that I just misplaced some of my reciepts.

Gas: $100 and maybe more just for me as my husbands employer pays for his gas.

Unnecessary: $215.88 and probably more.
This was due to items purchased for in laws coming as well as some items for DD2. Oh and Yankee candles for MIL and my Sis when I visit her at the end of the mont.

Miscellaneous: $225.46
Cap and gown
DD2 lunch money
Best Buy cash payment for 2yr warranty

Medicines- $45

Grand total not including bills, some items put on Lowes card, the new computer, and DH lunches for the week (since I can't track that) is: $1,131.24

Savings with coupons: $18.25

This is bad. Now I know what I need to work on .

New Computer

February 27th, 2008 at 11:48 am

I have not been able to get online due to computer issues. Our computer was 4.5 years old and the hard drive was dying. Best Buy said they could replace the hard drive for $300 or I could buy a new tower for $500 or more. However, I could get a whole package for $750 so that is what I did. It has a flat screen 19" monitor and it will take some getting used to. I put this purchase on my Best Buy CC and will make monthly payments on it.

My ederly neighbor that fell last week is home. She is waiting to see the ortho doctor. She has a broken arm and bruises everywhere including a black eye. I am going to go over there in a little bit and check on her. She really needs to have a visiting nurse to come check on her.

My in-laws were here from NC this past weekend and stayed for two nights. As a result of them coming I spent too much money on getting the house ready. I had to replace three rugs due to my pekignese wearing them out with his claws. Whenever he goes to lay down on the rug he rakes them with his claws as if he is digging a hole to lay in. I also bought some mulch and flowers to replace the dead ones in my pots outside. We also bought food and wine for Sat. night and had my parents over for dinner as well.

I am going to see what is in our pantry and freezer and see if I can get away with using all that up so I do not have to spend much on groceries this coming week. DH has some venison a friend gave him so he will make chili with that this weekend.

Well off to see the neighbor!

Groc shopping at Wal-mart/Target Superstores is a bad thing

February 20th, 2008 at 11:34 am

Yesterday I went to Walmart Super store (I really dislike this store and I usually go to the Walmart supermarket but I needed a bath rug) and I spent $24 on unnecessary items. I bought DD2 two pairs of shoes the ballet style for school at $7 a pr and a pretty tank top for $7. Neither were necessary but I know she mentioned she wanted more shoes like her one pair and I knew she would like the top. I have decided that from now on I will NOT grocery shop at the superstores.
Yesterday I went out front and saw the weirdest thing. People were in the middle of our road surrounding a lime green chair. I then noticed that an elderly lady was sitting in the chair and realized it was my neighbor. I went over to her (noone knew her because they live too far down the road). She had fallen in the street and scraped up her knees and when the paramedics came they said she broke her shoulder as well. I went to her house and got her purse and locked up her house and called her son. She is 90 years old and lives alone but she is very able bodied and independant. I pray she is ok.

Late night trip to Urgent Care

February 19th, 2008 at 06:23 am

DD1 came home from work last night and said she had a bad headache. She had taken a Motrin earler but it did not work. She threw up a couple of times and I explained to her that she had a migraine and just needed to lay in the dark. She was scared because her cousin died at her age 5 years ago from a brain anuerysm. I finally took her to the clinic. I work at one of the branches of this clinic so we do not have to pay a co-pay. However, I did fill a script for Imitrex (pharmacist said the 10 pills without insurance were $250 !!!!) I paid $25 for them and as we were pulling away from drive thru DD says I feel better now. What!! Why didn't you tell me before I paid for the pills?!? I do not have $25 to throw away. She said well now Daddy can have them when he has a migraine. She is right but everytime I try to save or pay ahead or stay on budget I end up spending $ in some other way.

Picking myself up

February 18th, 2008 at 01:26 pm

We went and picked up DD1's car today. Total was $1,911.01. At least she has reliable transportation now to school and work. After all is said and done I will owe my parents $800.00.
I went to Super Target afterwards and spent approx. $45. I bought a throw rug for DD2's room previously $20 on clearance for $12. I also bought a table runner for the foyer table for $7.50 previously $15.00. The rest was food.
I would not have bought those last two items if if were not for the fact that my in-laws are coming to visit this weekend. They moved from Fl last year as did my sister to N. Carolina. My inlaws to the mountains and my sister outside of Raleigh. I am trying to get the house in shape before they get here as it has been a little neglected lately. We replaced all of interior doors from the cheapy flat panels to 6 panels. We are slowly going to get the house ready to sell in the future. We are using our Lowes cc and when we sell the house we will use some of the profit to pay the card off (as well as others).
It is supposed to storm here tonight. Today has been very hot and humid but weirdly very windy too. We will stay home tonight and have fetuccine alfredo with chicken and sun dried tomatoes, salad, and crusty french bread for dinner. Yumm!!

Sick and Tired

February 17th, 2008 at 12:10 pm

I am. Every time we get 2 steps ahead we fall 5 steps back. Here is what our financial state looks like right at this moment:
DD1's car in shop $1911.00 to fix (have to borrow the money from my parents and pay them back)
My door handles on the back doors of my van are broken and to replace them will be $420 for parts and labor (One is completely broken off and the other barely hanging so when that one goes we will not be able to open the doors from the outside. This is not covered by warranty.
I forgot to include a $242 payment in my check register and I used my debit card since then and I have incurred $75 in fees.
My tax refund is $2600 but we owe the $2100 from a 2005 error so they will take that off the top and I will give the rest ot parents for the car.
Our computer is messed up and needs to be taken to be fixed and I need to purchase windows xp so that will be approx. $350.
I am very frustrated!!!

Christmas shopping tally

December 11th, 2007 at 12:47 pm

Shopping for my DD1 is fun this year. She is happy with anything. She already has the digital camera, cell phone and ipod so I get to buy alot of little things for her. So far I bought her a $10 makeup bag, Bath and body works otion and spray $10 for 2 items after $10 off coupon, wallet for $7 that she asked for, and Victoria Secret panties 5/$15 with $10 off coupon, and a Florida Gator t-shirt on sale for $12. She wants a gym membership that is $20 a month so I told her we will pay for her first 3 months. Looks like I am getting away cheap with her.

DD2 is not fun. She does not know what she wants other than a digital camera. I will not pay more than $150 and I am researching them online for the best low budget camera. If anyone knows of one let me know. I did get her a $20 gift card to Claires jewelry store.

So far I have spent $64 and will for sure spend another $210. I will allow another $70 each after that.

I am baking 7 layer cookie bars and making buck eyes for the neighbors and co-workers, DH and I will not exchange nor will my sister and I, my parents get gift cards to movies and panera, and in-laws I have no idea. They live in the Carolinas. My sister does too so she bought gifts that I will send her a check for my neice and nephew that is $62 for both.

This coming year I will start saving $40 per month for Christmas. I am working an extra shift this sunday and will make enough to pay for the camera but I hate working when I do not have to.

Going to try this again

December 7th, 2007 at 09:23 am

Well I have not been on this site in forever. Life gets in the way. Mainly life with a teenager. I feel like I will never get ahead financially until both my children move out. One is turning 18 on christmas eve and the other just turned 13. Both are girls. It seems that everytime things are starting to look up then something happens. My husbands truck is falling apart and that is what he uses for work, my daughters car needs some work (hopefully minor) my health insurance isn't covering anything because they said that everything is pre-existing so we are getting bills for eye doctor and primary care visits. Now it is Christmas! I feel so overwhelmed sometimes :-(

Back on Track

September 17th, 2007 at 02:29 pm

I have not posted since July as I have not really been too motivated. After looking at real estate properties for sale in NC I am motivated once again. Our goal is 3 years. I want my bills to be paid off... at least half of them by then. I am thinking that we will probably profit $158k from the sale of our house and I can use some of that to pay off the other half of the debt. I hate where we live now. I grew up here and it was considered a rural area. Now with Disney, MGM, Epcot, Universal, and Sea World everyone and their brother comes here to live and work. It seems that the people that are drawn to this area are how can I put this...ghetto?? The teens are spray painting all over Orlando, you hear the base from car radios everywhere you go, the schools are becoming dangerous. I do not want my 12 year old to go high school here that is why my goal is 3 years. I have paid off one small CC and I will have another paid off by next week. Then I will pay off the others with the highest CC interest rate first. Reading everyone post motivates me.

Vacation approaching

July 20th, 2007 at 05:47 am

Well Monday we leave for NC to visit my DS. This past week has not been good for the budget. My DH had no decent clothes so we had to buy him some shorts, shirts and underwear. This set us back $135.00 and put on CC. My sis had my DD1 for the last 10 days and took her to NYCfor 2 days. She paid for everything hotel, food sightseeing so I am showing my appreciation and I bought her something at Yankee Candle, my nephew a spider man shirt and socks and I will buy my neice an outfit. This cost me $30 so far. I bought myself a shirt on clearance for $10. I also had to order myself new contact lenses. The prescription expires next month. That cost $156 but will last for the year. Had to put that on a CC as well. After I come back from vacation I am going to start a savings account for these types of occasional spendings. On the other hand a rep for a company gave my partner and I $25 GC to a grocery store, another rep brought the clinic lunch from Moe's, other reps brought pastries and donuts which my partner and I split and brought home. I will be working this weekend so I will not spend any money. Can't wait for Monday!

Good day today

July 10th, 2007 at 02:55 pm

Today I was off and took my dd2 and neighbor girls to a water theme park. We bought the kids tickets for $45 at the beginning of the summer and they can go unlimited times during the weekfor the whole year. It keeps them entertained. They have been 6 times already so we have gotten our moneys worth. They usually pack a lunch. I did have to pay $4 in tolls and a few bucks in gas. Us parents take turns driving. I came home and mowed the lawn and pulled weeds. It is just so hot here that you cannot stay out for too long without feeling lousy. I now have a 7lb turkey in the oven that I forgot I had in the freezer. I am going to try to use up what we have already and save on food. I would like to use the savings for our NC trip. Starting this week I am paying $18 every week (plus the minimum)to a cc with a low balance so that it will be paid off in 4 months and I will have saved $182 in interest if I made the minimum payment they request. It is a start!!

Going to try this again

July 9th, 2007 at 02:07 pm

I have decided to get with the program again. I have had a career change which now allows me to actually save and pay down my debts. Before there was not even enough to pay the bills and we were just borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. My new job is in an emergency clinic and I love it. It is exciting. I am not making a killing but it is more than I was making before and it is steady. I can actually create a budget now. I did that for July and I am on target. We are going to visit my sister in NC the week of the 23rd so I am saving up $350.00 for that trip. I have $159 saved so far plus $20 in change. This is the first time I can do something like this and not feel guilty or irresponsible about it. One way I have found I can save money is by paying cash for groceries. I have set aside $120 a week and whatever I can buy with that is all I buy. I spent $76 so far and I am going to go through my pantry and freezer now and see what is there that I can use for the rest of the week without having to spend my left over $44 minus having to buy creamer. This will go towards NC fund. Once school starts I will use all extra money to pay down debt. Our goal is to move to NC in the next 4 to 5 years. I want to be debt free by that time.

My dad still thinks I'm 14 not 41!

November 14th, 2006 at 06:36 pm

Well today I got into a little argument with my Dad. My mom and dad told me that they would pay for my last two classes at the community college. I want to go to nursing school and I have to take these two pre-requisite classes for entrance into the program. Well since they made that offer to me and have paid for one class and bought the books my dad pays attention to our purchases and what we do or where we go. It is so annoying. For example, a couple of times I told him I was going somewhere and he said "Oh, thats far and gas is so expensive." Another time it was "Wow honey your Halloween party must have been expensive.Can you really afford to do those things?" Needless to say it was'nt expensive. I bought Walmart brand chips soda and the neighbor pitched in. And I made cupcakes and had cheap hotdogs and buns. I explained all of this to him but I should'nt have to justify this to my dad. I am 41 years old! So today he asks me if my DH was going to be paid for taking off last friday to go hunting. He is but what if I would have said no. My dad would have lectured me for an hour. It's really non of his business. So I told my mom I do not want another penny from them if this is how my Dad is going to act. She said that it is her money too and they will pay for it. I am not going to accept it I have made up my mind. Can anyone out there relate to this?