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Vacation approaching

July 20th, 2007 at 05:47 am

Well Monday we leave for NC to visit my DS. This past week has not been good for the budget. My DH had no decent clothes so we had to buy him some shorts, shirts and underwear. This set us back $135.00 and put on CC. My sis had my DD1 for the last 10 days and took her to NYCfor 2 days. She paid for everything hotel, food sightseeing so I am showing my appreciation and I bought her something at Yankee Candle, my nephew a spider man shirt and socks and I will buy my neice an outfit. This cost me $30 so far. I bought myself a shirt on clearance for $10. I also had to order myself new contact lenses. The prescription expires next month. That cost $156 but will last for the year. Had to put that on a CC as well. After I come back from vacation I am going to start a savings account for these types of occasional spendings. On the other hand a rep for a company gave my partner and I $25 GC to a grocery store, another rep brought the clinic lunch from Moe's, other reps brought pastries and donuts which my partner and I split and brought home. I will be working this weekend so I will not spend any money. Can't wait for Monday!

Good day today

July 10th, 2007 at 02:55 pm

Today I was off and took my dd2 and neighbor girls to a water theme park. We bought the kids tickets for $45 at the beginning of the summer and they can go unlimited times during the weekfor the whole year. It keeps them entertained. They have been 6 times already so we have gotten our moneys worth. They usually pack a lunch. I did have to pay $4 in tolls and a few bucks in gas. Us parents take turns driving. I came home and mowed the lawn and pulled weeds. It is just so hot here that you cannot stay out for too long without feeling lousy. I now have a 7lb turkey in the oven that I forgot I had in the freezer. I am going to try to use up what we have already and save on food. I would like to use the savings for our NC trip. Starting this week I am paying $18 every week (plus the minimum)to a cc with a low balance so that it will be paid off in 4 months and I will have saved $182 in interest if I made the minimum payment they request. It is a start!!

Going to try this again

July 9th, 2007 at 02:07 pm

I have decided to get with the program again. I have had a career change which now allows me to actually save and pay down my debts. Before there was not even enough to pay the bills and we were just borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. My new job is in an emergency clinic and I love it. It is exciting. I am not making a killing but it is more than I was making before and it is steady. I can actually create a budget now. I did that for July and I am on target. We are going to visit my sister in NC the week of the 23rd so I am saving up $350.00 for that trip. I have $159 saved so far plus $20 in change. This is the first time I can do something like this and not feel guilty or irresponsible about it. One way I have found I can save money is by paying cash for groceries. I have set aside $120 a week and whatever I can buy with that is all I buy. I spent $76 so far and I am going to go through my pantry and freezer now and see what is there that I can use for the rest of the week without having to spend my left over $44 minus having to buy creamer. This will go towards NC fund. Once school starts I will use all extra money to pay down debt. Our goal is to move to NC in the next 4 to 5 years. I want to be debt free by that time.