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New Computer

February 27th, 2008 at 11:48 am

I have not been able to get online due to computer issues. Our computer was 4.5 years old and the hard drive was dying. Best Buy said they could replace the hard drive for $300 or I could buy a new tower for $500 or more. However, I could get a whole package for $750 so that is what I did. It has a flat screen 19" monitor and it will take some getting used to. I put this purchase on my Best Buy CC and will make monthly payments on it.

My ederly neighbor that fell last week is home. She is waiting to see the ortho doctor. She has a broken arm and bruises everywhere including a black eye. I am going to go over there in a little bit and check on her. She really needs to have a visiting nurse to come check on her.

My in-laws were here from NC this past weekend and stayed for two nights. As a result of them coming I spent too much money on getting the house ready. I had to replace three rugs due to my pekignese wearing them out with his claws. Whenever he goes to lay down on the rug he rakes them with his claws as if he is digging a hole to lay in. I also bought some mulch and flowers to replace the dead ones in my pots outside. We also bought food and wine for Sat. night and had my parents over for dinner as well.

I am going to see what is in our pantry and freezer and see if I can get away with using all that up so I do not have to spend much on groceries this coming week. DH has some venison a friend gave him so he will make chili with that this weekend.

Well off to see the neighbor!

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