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My dad still thinks I'm 14 not 41!

November 14th, 2006 at 06:36 pm

Well today I got into a little argument with my Dad. My mom and dad told me that they would pay for my last two classes at the community college. I want to go to nursing school and I have to take these two pre-requisite classes for entrance into the program. Well since they made that offer to me and have paid for one class and bought the books my dad pays attention to our purchases and what we do or where we go. It is so annoying. For example, a couple of times I told him I was going somewhere and he said "Oh, thats far and gas is so expensive." Another time it was "Wow honey your Halloween party must have been expensive.Can you really afford to do those things?" Needless to say it was'nt expensive. I bought Walmart brand chips soda and the neighbor pitched in. And I made cupcakes and had cheap hotdogs and buns. I explained all of this to him but I should'nt have to justify this to my dad. I am 41 years old! So today he asks me if my DH was going to be paid for taking off last friday to go hunting. He is but what if I would have said no. My dad would have lectured me for an hour. It's really non of his business. So I told my mom I do not want another penny from them if this is how my Dad is going to act. She said that it is her money too and they will pay for it. I am not going to accept it I have made up my mind. Can anyone out there relate to this?

Beware this is a long rant on being a mom!

November 12th, 2006 at 08:08 pm

I wonder what I am going to do with myself after my kids are grown and out of the house. I swear everything I do, say, buy and feel is in regards to my girls. Everyday after school there are 3 girls that their parents aren't home when they get home from school and they come straight to our house. They watch t.v. or get on the computer. They talk loud and laugh loud. Sometime I have to open the door and tell them to go outside and play. This friday night I let 3 girls spend the night. They stayed most of Sat. morning. Then I let two of the same girls spend the night on Sat. I made a fire in our chimnea for them and let them run the house. Then today my neighbor and I went to the Humane Society for orientation so that our girls can volunteer there. Then we took them to the movies. Of course my husband is in GA hunting or I probably would not have allowed all this due to him wanting peace and quiet. Then next weekend is DD2's slumber party for her bday and she told me that she passed out her 12 invites and then gave out 2 more that she wrote on notebook paper!! I know. It is my fault. I am putting a stop to it because I am going cuckoo. I told DD2 that from now on the girls go home after school and get their snacks and relax for awhile and then they need to take turns going to each others houses. Also sleepovers only every other week. God it feels good to rant about this. Oh, and DD1 is 16 and she thinks she is going on 25. Aren't I mean, I will not let her curfew be 2:00 a.m. like some of the other girls she knows (or so she says) I will also not let her spend the night at anyone's house because I know how other girls tell their parents they are spending the night somewhere and then they go crash at 20 yr olds apartments. She cannot believe that I don't trust her. Let's face it. Teenagers will be teenagers. I was one once after all and guess what, I was a bad one! Too bad for DD1 because I know all the tricks.

Heres hoping a teacher gets sick tonight (jk!)

November 7th, 2006 at 08:30 pm

Well today I subbed for my DD2's teacher from last year. I will sub for her Thurs. as well. Subbed yesterday too but as a teachers aide. I make $70 for teachers and $65 for aides. I do not have an assignment for tommorrow but will check on-line at 6:30 a.m. to see if any teachers call in sick. I get paid every thursday direct deposit and it is such a relief to have the money coming in. We sure need it as DD2's bday is in 2 weeks and she is having a slumber party and she wants an Ipod. DD'2s is in Dec. Then of course there is Christmas and we will be visiting my sis in N. Carolina.
Oh, and it is hunting season and DH is going to Georgia this weekend to hunt.

DD2 has been putting in applications and hope she gets hired soon. I just ordered her class ring, $200. Now she wants a cheerleading jacket for school for $30. DD1 wants brand name tennis shoes that are "so pretty". It is never ending.