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Very frustrated....

March 3rd, 2008 at 02:22 pm

This past weekend I worked, DH stayed home recuperating from being sick so between him and I no money spent. DD1 did not go anywhere requiring $ and DD2 got her first full paycheck so she was on her own. Then..... last night DD2 coughs and coughs and today my day off I take her to where I work (urgent care clinic and we do not pay a co-pay) but then I have to fork out money for Mucinex and albuterol and take her car to the shop and pay $42 to have the blinkers fixed.
DH and I bought her a used car that is a lemon. We paid $2,500 to a 40 something couple who live in a well to do neighborhood and it was their teenagers car. He told us he was selling it because she did not need it anymore. Liar. He knew it was having issues. We were stupid not to take it to a mechanic first but they seemed so nice. So far new TRANSMISSION $1,800, new radiator $100, new sensor for radiator $30, new blinkers $42, and now there is something wrong with the water pump. We told DD2 that when she graduates she will have to work full time and buy her own car.
This is really starting to bring me down.

2 Responses to “Very frustrated....”

  1. Amber Says:

    That is terrible, can you report them under the lemon law?

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