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Great savings day!

August 16th, 2006 at 12:59 pm

Did not go in the attic today. Too hot. What the heck was I thinking? I went to Super Target instead because I had coupons that I printed from their website. I got excellent deals. They had:

$1 off Goldfish crackers (the bags) they were $1.37 so I paid .37 cent each!

$1 off 12 pack of coke/diet coke. They were on sale for 4/$10.00 so I paid $1.50 each. I got 6.

BOGO Jazz Diet Pepsi. They were $1 each so I got them for .50.

.75 off Ragu sauce. They were $1.34 so I paid .59 each. I bought 4 of them.

All together I saved $19 using coupons today.

Today I also made an appt. with Kelly services to be a substitute teacher. I used to be one 3 years ago then I was offered a full time job with a school. Well the automated system has been calling me for the past three yrs because I was not taken off. Well I know that I am not active so I called today to tell them to stop calling me because it is approx. 3x's a day and it is annoying. Then I thought maybe I should just start subbing again. It is flexible, you work when you want, no weekends, holidays etc. So they said that all I have to do to activate myself again is to have my fingerprints taken again and a criminal background check. They said I should be able to start subbing again by Sept. 5th. Yeahh! They pay $60 a day if you do not have a bachelors degree. I can even do this while pursuing my nursing career.

2 Responses to “Great savings day!”

  1. freeme journey Says:

    Hi I see you are "pursuing a nursing career" - I am an ORN but don't work in that field anymore. Here in SA we don't earn as much as you do as a RN so I opted to move into sales. I would love to work in the field that I qualified in but it doesn't pay the bills Frown Goodluck with your studies. Bronwyn

  2. Over My Head Says:

    Thank you. I actually tried sales myself, Real Estate. What got me was the amount of $ you had to shell out just to get your name out there. Not to mention the fees to the Board of Realtors and to the broker. I t was not worth it to go farther inti debt. Right now in FLA houses are not selling very quickly and some agents have gone 6 months or more without a commission check.

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