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Picking myself up

February 18th, 2008 at 01:26 pm

We went and picked up DD1's car today. Total was $1,911.01. At least she has reliable transportation now to school and work. After all is said and done I will owe my parents $800.00.
I went to Super Target afterwards and spent approx. $45. I bought a throw rug for DD2's room previously $20 on clearance for $12. I also bought a table runner for the foyer table for $7.50 previously $15.00. The rest was food.
I would not have bought those last two items if if were not for the fact that my in-laws are coming to visit this weekend. They moved from Fl last year as did my sister to N. Carolina. My inlaws to the mountains and my sister outside of Raleigh. I am trying to get the house in shape before they get here as it has been a little neglected lately. We replaced all of interior doors from the cheapy flat panels to 6 panels. We are slowly going to get the house ready to sell in the future. We are using our Lowes cc and when we sell the house we will use some of the profit to pay the card off (as well as others).
It is supposed to storm here tonight. Today has been very hot and humid but weirdly very windy too. We will stay home tonight and have fetuccine alfredo with chicken and sun dried tomatoes, salad, and crusty french bread for dinner. Yumm!!

2 Responses to “Picking myself up”

  1. Lost in debt Says:

    Dinner does sound delicious - you have had a very warm winter this year in FL? I don't remember hearing such hot weather forecast in during your winter months - my Mom was just down there and it was over 80 every day - I'm so tired of the cold ... I just want to get out of here, if it snows one more time....

  2. over my head Says:

    The weather here is very warm right now and in the summer it is extremely hot and humid. When you are outside trying to work in the yard you actually feel sick and you have to be careful about heat stroke. Also the heat can make you lethargic. I am ready to leave here. I guess when you grow up and live your whole life in one climate sometimes you want the change. My sister who moved from here to NC last year said she would never move back to Florida.

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