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Christmas shopping tally

December 11th, 2007 at 12:47 pm

Shopping for my DD1 is fun this year. She is happy with anything. She already has the digital camera, cell phone and ipod so I get to buy alot of little things for her. So far I bought her a $10 makeup bag, Bath and body works otion and spray $10 for 2 items after $10 off coupon, wallet for $7 that she asked for, and Victoria Secret panties 5/$15 with $10 off coupon, and a Florida Gator t-shirt on sale for $12. She wants a gym membership that is $20 a month so I told her we will pay for her first 3 months. Looks like I am getting away cheap with her.

DD2 is not fun. She does not know what she wants other than a digital camera. I will not pay more than $150 and I am researching them online for the best low budget camera. If anyone knows of one let me know. I did get her a $20 gift card to Claires jewelry store.

So far I have spent $64 and will for sure spend another $210. I will allow another $70 each after that.

I am baking 7 layer cookie bars and making buck eyes for the neighbors and co-workers, DH and I will not exchange nor will my sister and I, my parents get gift cards to movies and panera, and in-laws I have no idea. They live in the Carolinas. My sister does too so she bought gifts that I will send her a check for my neice and nephew that is $62 for both.

This coming year I will start saving $40 per month for Christmas. I am working an extra shift this sunday and will make enough to pay for the camera but I hate working when I do not have to.

Going to try this again

December 7th, 2007 at 09:23 am

Well I have not been on this site in forever. Life gets in the way. Mainly life with a teenager. I feel like I will never get ahead financially until both my children move out. One is turning 18 on christmas eve and the other just turned 13. Both are girls. It seems that everytime things are starting to look up then something happens. My husbands truck is falling apart and that is what he uses for work, my daughters car needs some work (hopefully minor) my health insurance isn't covering anything because they said that everything is pre-existing so we are getting bills for eye doctor and primary care visits. Now it is Christmas! I feel so overwhelmed sometimes :-(