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Vacation approaching

July 20th, 2007 at 05:47 am

Well Monday we leave for NC to visit my DS. This past week has not been good for the budget. My DH had no decent clothes so we had to buy him some shorts, shirts and underwear. This set us back $135.00 and put on CC. My sis had my DD1 for the last 10 days and took her to NYCfor 2 days. She paid for everything hotel, food sightseeing so I am showing my appreciation and I bought her something at Yankee Candle, my nephew a spider man shirt and socks and I will buy my neice an outfit. This cost me $30 so far. I bought myself a shirt on clearance for $10. I also had to order myself new contact lenses. The prescription expires next month. That cost $156 but will last for the year. Had to put that on a CC as well. After I come back from vacation I am going to start a savings account for these types of occasional spendings. On the other hand a rep for a company gave my partner and I $25 GC to a grocery store, another rep brought the clinic lunch from Moe's, other reps brought pastries and donuts which my partner and I split and brought home. I will be working this weekend so I will not spend any money. Can't wait for Monday!

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