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Christmas shopping tally

December 11th, 2007 at 12:47 pm

Shopping for my DD1 is fun this year. She is happy with anything. She already has the digital camera, cell phone and ipod so I get to buy alot of little things for her. So far I bought her a $10 makeup bag, Bath and body works otion and spray $10 for 2 items after $10 off coupon, wallet for $7 that she asked for, and Victoria Secret panties 5/$15 with $10 off coupon, and a Florida Gator t-shirt on sale for $12. She wants a gym membership that is $20 a month so I told her we will pay for her first 3 months. Looks like I am getting away cheap with her.

DD2 is not fun. She does not know what she wants other than a digital camera. I will not pay more than $150 and I am researching them online for the best low budget camera. If anyone knows of one let me know. I did get her a $20 gift card to Claires jewelry store.

So far I have spent $64 and will for sure spend another $210. I will allow another $70 each after that.

I am baking 7 layer cookie bars and making buck eyes for the neighbors and co-workers, DH and I will not exchange nor will my sister and I, my parents get gift cards to movies and panera, and in-laws I have no idea. They live in the Carolinas. My sister does too so she bought gifts that I will send her a check for my neice and nephew that is $62 for both.

This coming year I will start saving $40 per month for Christmas. I am working an extra shift this sunday and will make enough to pay for the camera but I hate working when I do not have to.

2 Responses to “Christmas shopping tally”

  1. kimiko Says:

    I like the Kodak EasyShare C613.

  2. fern Says:

    i don't think you can go wrong with a Sony 7 megapixel 3x zoom digital camera. I bought one for my sister at Walmart online for less than $100. I don't think you could beat that!

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