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My dad still thinks I'm 14 not 41!

November 14th, 2006 at 06:36 pm

Well today I got into a little argument with my Dad. My mom and dad told me that they would pay for my last two classes at the community college. I want to go to nursing school and I have to take these two pre-requisite classes for entrance into the program. Well since they made that offer to me and have paid for one class and bought the books my dad pays attention to our purchases and what we do or where we go. It is so annoying. For example, a couple of times I told him I was going somewhere and he said "Oh, thats far and gas is so expensive." Another time it was "Wow honey your Halloween party must have been expensive.Can you really afford to do those things?" Needless to say it was'nt expensive. I bought Walmart brand chips soda and the neighbor pitched in. And I made cupcakes and had cheap hotdogs and buns. I explained all of this to him but I should'nt have to justify this to my dad. I am 41 years old! So today he asks me if my DH was going to be paid for taking off last friday to go hunting. He is but what if I would have said no. My dad would have lectured me for an hour. It's really non of his business. So I told my mom I do not want another penny from them if this is how my Dad is going to act. She said that it is her money too and they will pay for it. I am not going to accept it I have made up my mind. Can anyone out there relate to this?

4 Responses to “My dad still thinks I'm 14 not 41!”

  1. pjmama Says:

    Totally. I'm 20, and the opposite side of the story is that my parents dont pay anything, but tell me how to manage my money/what to do/not to do according to my financial situation. It makes me happy to not take money from them, it makes it right in my mind to ignore thier comments and do what I feel is right. I understand your wanting to break away from this emotional "debt" that parents like to put us in. I'm sure it's all well-meant and all, but there's no reason for parents to nitpick like that, no matter how old thier child is! We're obviously responsible adults, and can handle our finances. Good luck with the situation, though. Perhaps you can talk to dad?

  2. MsSuperSaver Says:

    It seems like loans/financial gifts from friends and family ALWAYS comes with strings attached. But then again I have loaned money to family members and thought "jeez...you complain about being broke, you are borrowing money from me, it's a crapshot if I will even get paid back again but there you go out to eat again...to the movies again...etc" (fortunately I was able to keep my thoughts to myself). Anyway, look into grants for your nursing program. In Washington they just started a grant program that pays specifically for nursing programs (incouding tuition, books, even childcare for low income students) because we have such a shortage of nurses. Good luck in college!

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    I never had ot borrow from my folks and I am glad I never had to do so! I would rather ot take the money than listento a lecture!

  4. fairy74 Says:

    If you take the money there will always be major strings attached. It is annoying but I agree with Ms. Supersaver when someone wants to borrow money I assume they have no money and then I have been in the position of being annoyed when it seemed like they still had "fun money". Bottom Line: Finance it on your own, don't take money from anyone---it's much easier on you and your relationships

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