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Homecoming blew my budget!

September 9th, 2006 at 08:38 pm

DD1 used to work over the summer. She had to quit once school started to concentrate on school work which is more important. So now it is back to financing her wants/needs. This weekend was Homecoming. She went with a group of friends and none of them brought dates. This is her third year going and I told her that she had to find a very affordable outfit or she could not go. She did very well with her dress and shoes. They were purchased at Ross for a total of $33. Last night for the game I gave her $5 for football game ticket. Today she used saved money to pay for manicure and pedicure and a friends daughter came over and did her hair and makeup. Then we gave her $40 for dinner and gas. Also they are now taking orders for class rings. For those of you with young kids, be prepared. If you thought diapers and formula were expensive wait till they are teens!

Went to my best friends house w/ DD2 this morning. We went jet skiing. Her DH cooked hamburgers and hotdogs. Free entertainment and food. Well not really. I paid about $5 in tolls and it is 45 minutes from my house so gas too. It was worth it though :-)

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