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Spent too much $ this week

August 8th, 2006 at 06:01 am

I started an excel spreadsheet on the 1st of this month to keep track of my expenditures. Here is the damage for 7 days:
Food- 123.24
Gas- 68.35
Bills- 245.00
Toiletries- 21.05
household- 18.02
Dining out- 66.68
DH cash- 50.00
Pet food- 15.64
School supp- 68.90
Tools- 20.75
Donations- 10.00 (school)
Health/Beauty misc- 9.00 (haircut)
Not neccessary- 148.45
clothes/shoes- 79.42
Entertainment- 10.00
For a whopping total of $927.94!!
The not necessary came primarily from a pond liner that my DH found. I have always wanted a pond so DH dug a hole by the front door and put it in so I went and bought the pump, filter, fountain, electric connector,and misc. A free item cost us $127.00.Hopefully DH will put in this weekend. I saved only $14.84 w/ coupons.

1 Responses to “Spent too much $ this week”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    At least you have a handle on it and realize where you money is going. Good job! And good luck bringing it back under control!

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