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It's always something!

July 27th, 2006 at 02:17 pm

Today right after I went to the bank and turned in $30 worth of change, my DH calls and says his 1993 Chevy Silverado truck has broken down...again. We have had it for around 6 yrs. My DH is a plumber and used to not use it for work but now he does. He is driving it into the ground. I do not want to spend alot of $ constantly to keep it running so we may have to look into a Home Equity Line of Credit to buy another more reliable one. Just our luck.

I went to Walmart today and stuck to my list. Only things we needed like dog/cat food, OJ and soda. I like the Dr. Thunder Walmart brand the Diet and the regular. They are only .50 each. I also bought 3 composition notebooks and 4 70-page notebooks and only cost me $1.90 and right now no taxes. Now is the time to buy these things for the entire year. I still have notebook paper from last year. I used a gift card that was DD2's that she had in her drawer for who know how long. It had $5 left on it. Nice surprise!

Tomorrow I will go to BJ's and buy milk because it is so much cheaper than anywhere else and will buy a wedding card as they are 50% off. DH may be taking the groom to be out to dinner tommorow night because they are not having a bachelor party. Well I wasn't thrilled about it because that could get expensive but he said another friend was paying half of the groom to be's meal. He was'nt thrilled that I had anything to say about it at all ;0)

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