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Productive and sobering day

July 23rd, 2006 at 08:51 pm

Well today I stayed home and had a "No spend day" I did all the laundry, swept out the garage, and mowed the front and back yard. I did my budget for this week and next and for the month of August. The mortgage is paid for the month of August but I have to save for Sept. I do not have an income now so after I figured out the budget I realized we only have $400 left after paying all the bills for the month of Sept. That is what I have for gas, groceries and spending $. I do not want to look for a job because I need to take the class for nursing asst. I need to go to the different schools and find out how much they are and how long. Some are 5 to 7 weeks long and cost from $500 to $900. It looks as if I may need to borrow $$ from my parents to pay for the class. It will be the first time in many, many years. After I get my certificate then I can work at a hospital. Lets see how I can make this work!

2 Responses to “Productive and sobering day”

  1. beans6 Says:

    I have a nursing license & my last job was a nursing home. At my nursing home & several in the area they would pay for your school & let you work there while going to school.You had to agree to work there 6 months, it may be longer now.But we had several people who took the course & worked a week & quit. the nursing home never pursued it. It would have cost more money then the course cost them.So this maybe a option for you.You had to be a citizen & have a driverslicense & no criminal record & that was all that was required.A nursing assistant makes such a difference in patients lives but it is really hard work as you probably know. Goodluck

  2. MoneyHoney Says:

    Let me 2nd beans6 comments.
    Why not check into a nursing home that offers free in-house training for nursing assistants? There is a tremedous need for good NAs.

    This is one of the few fields that offers practical, on-the-job instruction at little or no cost to the employee. Unless you sign an employment contract - and I don't know of any in my area who require this - your training is part of a facility's cost of doing business. Health care facilities are used to high turn-over.

    The work is very hard, but so important. And there are often opportunities for additional education and overtime.

    Good Luck! (Keep us posted.)

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